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CYTOCARE is used in aesthetic medicine to treat wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck and back of the hands due to the effects of skin aging. CYTOCARE also helps to redensify the skin, to fight against dehydration and to improve its appearance (facial radiance).


Hyaluronic acid gels can be injected into the dermis to fill wrinkles and give volume to the face, ART FILLER® is an exclusive collection of hyaluronic acid-based fillers with lidocaine, designed to smooth out superficial-to-deep wrinkles, plump up the lips and create/restore the volumes and contours of the face.


Ellansé is the only dermal filler to achieve instant volume and long-lasting results, using own-collagen stimulation; to deliver brighter skin with improved density, firmness and elasticity.


Profhilo is an innovative product of IBSA, the leader in the production of hyaluronic acid-based drugs.
IBSA was founded in Switzerland in 1945. Now, its brunches work in Europe, the USA, and China. The company is a recognized expert on hyaluronic acid. It produces ultrapure hyaluronic acid, obtained through the bacterial fermentation process and belonging to the “Highest Quality” class.
Since the start of sales in Italy in February 2015 and entry into the international market in January 2016, Profhilo dermal fillers have won 3 awards:
(1) International Aesthetic Medicine Award in the category ‘Skin Enhancement Anti-Aging Beauty Trophy 2015-2016’.
(2) 2016 Aesthetic Innovative Product Award.
(3) Award of the International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine – AMEC and Aesthetics Awards 2017 as the best injection drug of the year.


Small beauty acts done in the right places can make a huge impact on your daily life. Every drop of Teoxane’s hyaluronic acid is a concentrate of Swiss science created to have a powerful effect on how you look and feel, ultimately filling your life with beauty.


Innoaesthetics provides professionals and end-users with medical aesthetic and dermatological solutions to treat any kind of skin alteration and maintain skin health and beauty.


Discover Cellcosmet (for women) and its CellEctive line, along with Cellmen (for men), all formulated especially to meet your skin’s unique identity and needs. Guided by the principle of “Responsible Beauty”, we care deeply about offering you skincare that is at the forefront of innovation and Swiss excellence and adapted to your specific needs. We formulate and manufacture our products in our own laboratory, respecting the strictest standards of quality, safety and effectiveness while exercising the greatest respect for the environment and the communities we serve.


Swiss cellular skincare solutions to fit your needs, As you put away your winter wardrobe, it’s also time to renew your daily beauty regimen with Valmont’s lighter textured formulas to give your complexion the springtime radiance of fresh, well cared for skin.


"Dermaceutic was founded in 2002 on the strong belief that science is the skin’s natural ally. We use the best scientific expertise to strengthen and support the skin’s natural powers, for faster and more effective results.
Born from a collaboration between French dermatologists, Dermaceutic is now the number one chemical peel brand in France, and has brought its art of formulation to the cosmeceutical industry.
Today, we partner with more than 30,000 skin professionals in more than 80 countries around the world. By working closely with these specialists, we gain vital and ever-evolving insights into different skin types, phototypes and unique patient expectations.
We elevate skincare standards using the latest scientific technology and expertise, and by delivering exceptional results for every individual’s skin. Whatever the skin concern or aesthetic procedure, our mission is to provide the right combinations of actives at the most effective concentrations.
We aim to maintain our position as the expert in aesthetic dermatology through our passion for scientific discoveries and our insatiable curiosity for skin science, our continued strategic partnerships with dedicated and passionate distributors, and through our strong relationships with a large network of experts in the scientific community."

Biologique Recherche

Skin is the reflection of ourselves; it isn’t consistent, but multiple over the course of a day, of a life. Everyone has different Skin Instants©. Biologique Recherche’s Methodology treats each person’s epidermis in a personally tailored way.


We want to perfectly match the needs of your skin type and condition. So, we developed an elaborated three care steps routine. Just discover your perfect treatments!


Developed by a French laboratory leading in cosmetic medicine and skin quality, SKIN PERFUSION is an innovative cosmeceutical range especially designed to maintain and enhance the results of cosmetic procedures.

Future 5 Elements

Future Cosmetics has been using this ancient wisdom for generations – literally. The company was founded by Anita Bar-Lev – an expert in professional skin care and a pioneer in natural cosmetics – was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. The roots of Future Cosmetics lay deep in the heritage of Anita’s grandfather, an adept herbs-and-spices trader from Marrakesh, who sparked the seeds of curiosity in his granddaughter. With a precious bundle of local traditions, markets, scents, ideas, and experience, Anita expanded her horizons to the natural wellbeing knowledge of exfoliating, purifying and balancing skin treatment synthesizing therapeutic traditions from all five continents.

iS Clinical

Our collection sets are designed to address the most common skincare concerns as simply as possible. These boxed collections will introduce you to some of the beloved iS Clinical hero products and protocols while helping to improve the appearance of blemishes, skin irritation, uneven skin tone, and post-procedure skin, for a youthful, glowing complexion.

Helena Reubinstein

Avant-garde skincare - the advanced technology from more than 110 years of expertise